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  • Byfalio up to 70% RS – the best affiliate program for futures traders | A better affiliate program than Binance and ByBit

Byfalio up to 70% RS – the best affiliate program for futures traders | A better affiliate program than Binance and ByBit

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A 100-200% ROI on futures is a common situation in this niche. This is higher than trading stocks or bonds. Therefore, traders, both beginners and professionals, come to exchanges for quick earnings. Where fast earnings are promised, there are large volumes, and affiliates can earn.

Today, let's take a look at the Byfalio Affiliate program. We’ll discuss the term for partners, advantages, and examine the personal account.

  • Year of foundation:


  • Inhouse offers:


  • Payment frequency:

    instant (automatic payments)

  • GEO of offers:

    WW (except the USA, Canada, and England)

  • Minimum for cashout:


  • Referral program:


  • Verticals:

    Сrypto futures

  • Payment systems:

    USDT TRC20, ERC-20, BEP-20

  • Tools:


What you need to know about Byfalio Affiliate program

Byfalio Affiliate is an affiliate program in the binary options, forex, and crypto niche. It’s a futures exchange that collaborates with webmasters through CPA and RevShare models. They offer high payouts – RevShare rates go up to 70% of the exchange's profit. They accept traffic from all countries except the USA, Canada, and England. Currently, they are at the top in the CIS and India.


While other exchanges offer futures trading, such as Binance Futures, Byfalio Affiliate is many times more profitable for webmasters.


Advantages of Byfalio Affiliate program

We have reviewed the affiliate program, the platform, and had a discussion with the personal manager. We are ready to highlight the main advantages:


  • Unique offer in demand among webmasters;
  • High average check – compared to binary options, the average check is 2.7 times higher;
  • Relevant offer for traders and influencers working in forex, crypto niches, and binary options;
  • Quality exchange for users – the better the project for clients, the higher the earnings for webmasters;
  • Contests and bonuses for clients – increases LTV and encourages users to make new deposits;
  • Lifetime RevShare with rates up to 70% – the more traffic you bring, the higher the earnings.


In other words, the Byfalio Affiliate team knows how to work with clients. They understand what webmasters need for high earnings.


How to register with Byfalio Affiliate program

In the affiliate program, registration is closed, but there are no complicated stages. To get started, open the main page and click on “Registration” or “Become a Partner”. A registration form will appear, where you need to provide the following basic information:


  • Email;
  • Password;
  • Telegram for contact;
  • Traffic source.



Click “Register”. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address.


After activating your account, a notification with a link to your personal manager's account will appear. Contact him. He’ll ask clarifying questions and activate your account.


The affiliate program accepts only middle and senior affiliates. Webmasters should have a history and results from previous campaigns. If there are blogs and trading groups with high performance, the manager may activate the maximum tariff from the start.


Review of the personal account of Byfalio Affiliate program

When the manager activates your account, you’ll be able to access your personal dashboard. The affiliate program has an intuitively understandable interface. The menu contains links to the main pages.


Menu items:


  • Dashboard;
  • Statistics;
  • Affiliate links;
  • Payouts;
  • Tariff plan;
  • Postbacks;
  • Telegram bot;
  • Support.



Additionally, in the menu, there is a button for language switching, a link to the personal profile, and a button to log out of the account. Let's look at the main sections, starting with the rates for partners. To view the rate grid, open the “Tariff Plan” page.



For new partners, collaboration is available through RevShare. Now let's consider the rates for this collaboration model.


RevShare model rates:


  • Start: 40% commission from profit;
  • Light: 45% commission from profit;
  • Silver UP: 50% commission from profit;
  • Super VIP: 55% commission from profit;
  • Super Nova Elite: 60% commission from profit.


The tariff and rate for RevShare increase based on the number of generated FTDs in the previous month. For example, to work with the Silver UP tariff and receive a 50% profit share, you need to generate 100-399 FTDs. Additionally, the more first time deposits there are, the better the conditions for the referral program and the maximum payout from the client.


Important! If you run blogs or trading groups with a strong performance, the manager can activate the maximum tariff from the start. Therefore, in personal correspondence, inform him about this and discuss individual terms.


Moving on from rates, let's go directly to advertising. To start working with the affiliate program, go to the “Affiliate Links” page and generate a link. There is a ready-made affiliate link by default. You can copy it and launch your campaign.



If you need two or more links for different creatives, sources, approaches, generate a new link. To do this, specify the campaign name, choose the collaboration model, and click “Create”. It’ll instantly appear in the corresponding section.



At the moment, in the partnership program, there is no option to add UTM tags. However, the team is improving the personal account, adding new features and capabilities for webmasters. Therefore, the implementation of UTM tags is a matter of time. Meanwhile, you can configure postbacks. To do this, open the corresponding page.



You can set up a postback for each campaign, use 7 types of links, including registration, first deposit, withdrawal, and other user actions. The parameters for event tracking are listed in a separate table. Once you configure the postback, click “Create”. It’ll appear in the “My Postbacks” section.


In Byfalio Affiliate, there are tools for analyzing advertising campaigns. You can view statistics on the page with affiliate links, see summarized statistics through the Dashboard, or use the “Statistics” page. Let's consider the last option.


You can view statistics sorted by date, months, traders, sub-affiliates, and collaboration models. You can also find statistics for a specific client.



The information displayed:


  • Date;
  • Clicks;
  • Registrations;
  • FTDs;
  • Traders;
  • Trades;
  • Deposits;
  • Withdrawals;
  • Profit/Loss;
  • Affiliate.


How to start making money with Byfalio Affiliate program

Registration in the affiliate program is closed, but the manager responds quickly to questions. It all may take 30-60 minutes. To get started, follow these steps:


  • Register in the affiliate program;
  • Confirm your account by clicking the link in the email;
  • Contact the personal manager;
  • Confirm your experience, discuss collaboration terms;
  • Launch your advertising campaign.


For tracking statistics, you can set up postback or use the built-in tools of the affiliate program.


How to withdraw money from the Byfalio Affiliate program

You can withdraw funds to the trading balance and Tether: TRC20, ERC-20, BEP-20. The minimum withdrawal amount is $20.


To withdraw funds, open the “Payouts” page. In the opened form, enter the withdrawal amount, select the payment method, and enter the wallet address.



At Byfalio Affiliate, earnings can be withdrawn instantly. Therefore, the money will arrive within a few minutes after the request.


Feedback on Byfalio Affiliate

The affiliate program was recently launched but is already actively gaining traction in the arbitrage market. We found reviews from webmasters who are working with Byfalio Affiliate.



You can also share your experience with the affiliate program. Write your review in the comments. Tell us about the results of the partnership, the advantages and strengths of Byfalio Affiliate, and what could be improved.

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Editorial opinion

Byfalio Affiliate is an affiliate program with a unique offer. From the start, they offer high rates for partners. Webmasters with large volumes can earn up to 70% of the exchange's profit. It's also possible to quickly start working with the CPA model. So, register, create an advertising link, and launch campaigns.










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