FB cards: freebie for the first 20 places



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FB cards: freebie for the first 20 places

If you are constantly scouring the market looking for new BINs, then most likely you have already heard about the new service - AnyBill. If you suddenly missed it, then @cpa_lenta had a review.

😊 Fortunately, the faster our channel grows and the number of partners who pour on our offers from FB and Google Ads, the more opportunities to get different goodies. Law of the Universe!

Briefly about the service:

➡️ Private BINs from three UK banks (Mastercard, Visa, Union Pay available, all cards with 3D Secure).

➡️ Issuance and commission for operations - $0.

➡️ Replenishment - 3-4.5% depending on the volume per month.

➡️ You can issue 100 cards at once, KYC is not required.

➡️ No commission for decals up to 3% of the total volume (if more - from 0.2 to 0.6€ for each delineation). 

Well, actually, the bonus itself for our readers: register using this link —> write promo code "ADLEAD" to @Alex_supportAB support —> you get 0% commission for the first three deposits instead of 3-4.5%. The bonus is valid for the first 20 people!

If you didn’t manage to get into the number of lucky ones, follow the same link with a promo code and use the first free deposit!

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