Create affiliate programs effortlessly with Alanbase



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Create affiliate programs effortlessly with Alanbase

If you’re looking to establish an affiliate program or a CPA network for your business, Alanbase is an excellent partner.

As the iGaming industry continues to grow, many operators seek to expand their presence in the ever-evolving sector by targeting a wide variety of gambling enthusiasts through multiple brands. However, multi-brand gambling businesses are more challenging to promote, often requiring the creation of affiliate programs to effectively make use of the advantages offered by affiliate marketing. This is where Alanbase can provide assistance to growing online gambling firms.

What is Alanbase?

Alanbase is a SaaS platform through which companies can launch affiliate programs and enhance their affiliate traffic trackers. The firm’s solutions can adapt to its customers’ needs to ensure a high-quality experience and standout long-term results. Furthermore, Alanbase also provides services for the creation of multi-vertical CPA networks, further enhancing its appeal.

How can Alanbase help operators accelerate their growth?

Through Alanbase’s solutions, gambling companies can effortlessly market their offerings to a wide variety of gambling enthusiasts all across the globe. Launching multiple brands and establishing an affiliate program can enable operators to better take advantage of the opportunities offered by different gambling markets around the world and the industry’s various niches, helping gambling firms accelerate their growth in the highly competitive sector.


What advantages does Alanbase have when compared to the competition?

Alanbase’s solutions stand out from their competition thanks to the firm’s expansive set of features. Some of the company’s key advantages include a leading level of customizability, including customizable dashboards and revenue share commission formulas, several tracking options, such as through promotional codes or individual tracking links, and in-depth analytics that can help partners get the most for their efforts.

In addition to featuring standout analytics, Alanbase also provides its partners with a high-quality cohort analysis offering through which companies can analyze the behaviors of their users to perfect their marketing campaigns. This feature can be used to determine which advertising partners deliver the highest-quality traffic as well, which is another excellent tool for maximizing the output of a marketing campaign.

The company also offers high-quality support services that are available around the clock, along with a standout fraud detection system, which will be particularly useful for gambling firms operating in tightly regulated jurisdictions across the globe.

How can Alanbase’s in-depth analytics help clients get the most for their efforts?

High-quality analytics plays a vital role in the success of an affiliate marketing campaign. Alanbase’s analytics dashboard provides clients with in-depth data that clients can view in customizable tables to assess various aspects of their marketing efforts. The firm’s analytics dashboard can help clients view the performance of each of their operating verticals, along with data broken down by a variety of key variables such as the GEO or source of traffic. This helps clients allocate resources appropriately to maximize their output.

How easy is it to add products and offers to Alanbase’s system?

Alanbase offers a set of highly customizable yet easy-to-use tools to get started. Adding products takes just one click, following which clients can add offers, set targets, establish qualification requirements, and make any other necessary adjustments to ensure success. All of this is done through Alanbase’s platform, which features an intuitive user interface to help clients make use of the firm’s solutions in a timely manner.

Alanbase FAQs

Let’s now take a look at a few of the most commonly asked questions about Alanbase to provide you with further information on the firm and its offerings.

Q: What industries/verticals does Alanbase operate in?
A: Alanbase can work with clients in almost all verticals that utilize performance-based marketing techniques, including iGaming, white e-commerce, desktop and mobile games, subscription and information products, and ed-tech.

Q: What commission models can Alanbase create offers with?
A: Alanbase can help its clients create and market offers with CPA, revenue share, and hybrid models, along with customizable qualification-based ones.

Q: How quickly can Alanbase launch an affiliate program for its clients?
A: Alanbase can launch affiliate programs for its partners in as little as one day.

Q: How much do Alanbase’s solutions cost?
A: Alanbase offers three pricing tiers to enable companies of varying sizes to make use of its offerings. The firm’s most affordable tier costs just $350 per month, with significant discounts being available for 6-month and 12-month subscriptions. Furthermore, Alanbase also offers demos to prospecting clients to further streamline the purchasing process.

Q: Does Alanbase offer customer support services to its clients?
A: Alanbase provides a 24/7 support service through which clients can promptly get in touch with experts who will be ready to help with any potential questions or concerns.