Bitcoin 2024





25 – 27July 2024


Nashville, USA

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With the upcoming halving, 2024 promises to be the biggest year for bitcoin. We're building core communities and content tracks to accelerate hyperbitcoinization on multiple fronts.


We're seeing more interest in traditional finance than ever before at our events. A whole new faction is entering the bitcoin space. Bitcoin 2024 Industry Pass is the best way to enter the discussion about bitcoin and finance. Dedicated networking rooms, stages and sponsorship opportunities.


The race for energy dominance continues. Bitcoin 2024 aims to become the largest gathering of miners and vendors worldwide. We are bringing back our popular Mining Village as a dedicated networking and programming hub where the energy industry meets bitcoin miners from around the world.

Art and Culture

What is your bitcoin game? That's the question brands, artists and creatives should be asking themselves in 2024. This year, we're doubling down on the interaction between bitcoin and culture with special programs, workshops and new enhancements to our bitcoin art gallery.

Open Source

A staple of every bitcoin conference from 2021, the Open Source area offers special programming and networking with leading bitcoin technical experts. If you are an attendee, apply for our Open Source Attendee Program to receive free passes.